If your flight is cancelled due the Coronavirus, we always try to request a refund with the airline (eg. as a voucher). Unfortunately, not all airlines (are able to) offer a refund, to avoid financial problems. 

In case of no refund, you will have the option to either change your booking directly or change it at a later time. Until this time, you will have an so called Open booking. This Open booking keeps the value of your originally bought ticket(s). Any additional products and/or services (such as insurances and ticket guarantees) will expire, as the service provider does not allow cancellation/refunds. 

The conditions of an Open booking differ per airline. The exact conditions that apply to your booking, can be found on the website of the airline. Please always check these conditions, before initiating a change request. Please note: the conditions might change from day to day, so please check carefully. 

Decided when to travel? Then please fill out this form. Due to the many change requests, we currently handle requests based upon (new) departure date within the next 30 days. Is your (new) departure date further away? Then it will take longer for us to process your request.